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We accept monetary donations, clothes, diapers, washcloths, baby antiseptics, baby shoes, and other baby care products. You can call and text us to arrange item pick-ups and drop-offs.

All donations will go to helping new mothers and their babies. We will be updating this website with pictures and notes of the new mothers and children who have benefited from your donations. Thank you for choosing to be a generous giver. 

How to?

      Drop off locations:

  • 1443 Spruce Hill Road Port Royal, P.A. 17082

  • 407 Piedmont Circle, York P.A. 17404

  • 3 The Circle , New Rochelle, New York 10801

  • 54 Central Park Road, East Ham, London E6 3DY, United Kingdom

  • 13730 Town Line Road. Silver Spring, Maryland, 20906

  • P. O. Box 610 NK Accra- Ghana (West Africa)

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