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Holding Hands


Donate Money

Your continuous donations and support to Yamicare assure an ongoing revenue to help us give hope to another mother and her little one.

Charity Volunteers
  • Donate to the Organization's Quick and easy payment via debit/credit 


      We will not get the full donation, a processing fee (2.9%+$0.30) is          charged against your donation through the website

Image by Johannes Ludwig

Donate Clothes and Goods

Your donations to the Yamicare family help us change lives, help a community with needed resources, restore families, and cloth a baby


What To Donate?

Preparing clothes to donate

  • Check item is in good condition (no stains, holes, or tears)

  • If the stain won’t budge, then sadly the item should not be donated.

  • Check to see if items are washed before donating

  • If you question items while inspecting, then they shouldn't be donated.

Please do the Followings: 

  • Baby clothes (boys & girls Size 0-8yrs)

  • Mosquito nets, Shoes

  •  Washcloths

  • Blankets/ swaddle cloths

  • Portable baby carriers

  • hats and socks

  • Disposable/Cloth diapers

  • Wipes (unopened)

  • Hair accessories for baby girls    (hair ties, combs, ribbons etc)

Please Don't donate  these items:

  • Perishable Baby foods

  • Any liquid products

  • Expiring goods

  • Baby lotions and oil if not sealed.

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